Repair Networks

  • Networks have large amounts of shops in their franchise and often operate nation wide.
  • In some cases have much more resources then independent shops.
  • In other cases may not offer the same kind of individualized service that independent shops can offer.
  • Neither of those two things are the rule, however. The important thing is that you use a shop you can trust.

Repair Networks Include:

  • Fix Auto
  • The Boyd Group/Assured Automotive
  • CarrXpert
  • CCS
  • Speedy Collision
  • Craftsman Collision in Alberta and BC
  • Kirmac Collision & Autoglass in BC

Though there are a gigantic number of independent repair shops in Canada, thousands of them have consolidated together into repair networks. These networks are exactly what they sound like; interconnected families of repair facilities and associated businesses. They essentially come in three sizes, regional, national, and international.

Regional repair networks include the likes of Craftsman Collision in Alberta and BC, and Kirmac Collision & Autoglass, also in BC. The Boyd Group operates in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. Carrxpert, CCS, and Speedy Collision operate across Canada. CSN Collision Centres operates across Canada, partnering with Carrossier ProColor in Quebec.

CARSTAR operates in Canada and the United States. Fix Auto operates in Canada, the US, Australia, China, the UK, France and Turkey.

There are still a lot of independent repair shops in Canada, and your preferred shop may very well be an independent one. The general trend, however, seems to be towards consolidation. The pros and cons of dealing with either an independent shop or a shop that is a part of a network mirror those of dealing with small or large companies in any industry. Smaller businesses may be able to offer more specialized services, while larger businesses have more resources, but potentially more restrictive internal policies, though being so connected with other businesses and locations may also open some doors closed to independent shops.

At the end of the day, though, a shop you trust is a shop you trust, no matter how large or small a business network they are a part of.


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