OEM Certified Repair Programs

  • OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” .
  • If you need to have a part replaced, an OEM part would be made by the same company who built your car in the first place.
  • OEM certification programs ensure the vehicle is restored to the quality standards of the manufactuer.
  • An OEM certified location is specifically trained and equipped to work vehicles made by a specific manufacturer.

When choosing a repair facility, you can afford yourself peace of mind by choosing a facility that has been recognized by the industry. A few programs exist in Canada that do just this. The Canadian Collision Industry Accreditation Program (or CCIAP), administered by AIA Canada, offers two levels of accreditation. The first is “core,” which requires the shop to successfully demonstrate compliance with both the business operations and structural repair capabilities requirements. The optional “advanced” accreditation includes the core components, as well as several other requirements mostly involving training regarding aluminum repairs. Links to CCIAP certified facilities are available below.

Certified Collision Care is the Canadian arm of Assured Performance Network. In addition to accreditation, the organization administers serveral OEM certification programs. A list of CCR member is avaible below. 

An OEM certification program is essentially a public statement that the staff at a particular facility are specifically trained and qualified to work with a particular company’s vehicle, and have the equipment required to do so. Many OEM’s provide their own list of specifically qualified facilities.

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