Welcome to the Consumers Guide to Collision Repair

The Consumers Guide to Collision Repair has everything you need to know to get through the aftermath of an auto collision or to help you be prepared if one should ever occur. Look through our 10 steps, fill out a checklist, watch an informational video or just browse at your leisure!

Our 10 steps are designed to help take away some of the stress of being in a collision. At the Collision Repair Bureau, we understand how difficult and inconvenient this time can be for you. We are here to make this ordeal a little easier. Follow our 10 step guide to help make the right decisions and get your vehicle back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

From Step 1 to Step 10, our guide is designed for you, the Canadian driver, to keep informed during the entire process. Stay smart. Stay safe. The Collision Repair Bureau is here to help. Read the 10 steps today.

What to do

Our 10 steps is an easy to follow guide for after an accident.​

Your Rights

Learn what your rights and options are as the consumer.

The Repair

From the estimate all the way to driving your vehicle out of the shop.

The Process

Master the process of collision repair to make all the right choices!​

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